About Me

I am a web developer specializing in working with small businesses who need a "rockstar" who "wears many hats" and can "switch between projects" at "any" point in time.

I speak VanillaJS, PHP, React, React Native, SQL (non, light and regular), Node, bash, and know enough Python and Basic to crash a drone into any office furniture in the room.

  • Buildin
  • Scriptin
  • Stylin

What kind of developer am I?

I am a lean, mean coder.
I work fast to get a project up, and am not afraid of scrapping an entire codebase if the project takes a new direction.
I learn fast to get building.
I won't take a 12 week bootcamp or even a 12 step class to learn something.
I will read the boring spec sheet and developer docs, and will break it until it works.
I am not afraid to get out of a library and write something in pure JS.
I am not afraid of PHP and know its merit in building the web despite flash-in-the-pan libraries that have taken over.
I will script out my entire job if it means that I can work on the parts of the project that matter.

What makes me different from other developers?

I don't just speak in code. I speak English.
My background is in music and technology. I worked in the music industry for around a decade as a recording engineer, designer, teacher, and performer, so communicating with a diverse group of people has always been essential.
Part of my services to various labels and studios included branding, graphic design, and marketing. That being said, I feeI as comfortable designing a logo as I do writing a search engine.
In fact, I have a Master's degree from The New School in interaction and game design and have taught design and UX principles at Parsons School of Design.

What tools have I used before?

Basics: HTML CSS Javascript
Server Side: PHP SQL Python
Front End/Mobile: React, Redux React Native Angular
CMS Development: Wordpress Drupal 6/7/8 Magento, Jekyll, DotCMS, Joomla
Libraries/Build Tools: jQuery, Kendo, D3, webGL Sass, Grunt, Gulp, Homebrew, Webpack Too many APIs to count
Marketing/Search/SEO Salesforce, Marketo, GTM, Yoast Sailthru, Auth0 Google Analytics, Elasticsearch, Logstash
Server Admin: Git, Alias, SSH, Bash Scripting AWS S3,RDS,EC2 LAMP, MEAN, MAMP
Other Tools: Sublime, Komodo, Text Edit Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premier) Mac, PC, Linux, Ubuntu, Kali

Past Clients/Projects

  • Reuters Breakingviews.com

    Rebuilt the back end from the ground up to a robust, secure, WP installation. Built a custom search engine on Elasticsearch, designed the Mobile view, manage server stack on AWS/Ubuntu/Nginx, secure login with Auth0 and marketing through Sailthru/GA.

  • Reuters Breakingviews App

    Built full featured IOS/Android app using React Native, Elasticsearch, and the Wordpress API.

  • Integramed/Have a baby

    Rebuilt/cleaned backend of several Fertility clinic WP/Drupal/DotCMS sites. Built Excel-like reporting platform for patient data with Telarik and Visual Studio. Deployed new fertility sites. Handled patient inquiries/outreach with Salesforce dev.

  • SoundsTrue

    Designed, built, and optimized event websites and microsites with WordPress and Magento. Built PHP courses and events in a Java platform. Built out product pages and make front-end tweaks and edits. Worked with the Marketing team to provide technical support for their campaigns. This included building a weekly podcast that has over 300,000 subscribers, creating single-page templates for email capture pages, and training employees in the company's Magento-based platform. Worked with the in-house A/V staff, the Events Team, and Product Coordinators to speak on behalf of the development team on various projects and campaigns

  • Ooh La La Records

    Created multimedia content, designed and implemented websites, and managed social media campaigns for Ooh La La and its clients.

  • Northern Spy Records

    I assisted the CEO in band press campaigns across various social media platforms, and managed the label website's back end. Duties included producing Wordpress blogs, database maintenance, artist album advertisements, promotional audio and video editing, and graphic design.